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If you are a fan of the Beatles then you are a fan of Brian Epstein's for without his loyalty, guidance and perseverance, the Beatles would not exist today as they currently do. Furthermore, if you are a fan of modern music, you owe your gratitude to Mr. Epstein for he inspired the Beatles to greatness and there is no contest that the Beatles inspired millions of people worldwide, many of whom went on to create today's great music. Sadly, however, not many people know who Brian Epstein is or give him any thanks in molding and supporting the most popular and influential band on earth. Certainly the Beatles were together before Brian sought to manage them but if he had not been as loyal and not dedicated his life to their success, the Beatles would not have achieved their greatness. "'If he'd been an ordinary manager, Shea Stadium couldn't have happened,' Nat Weiss says. 'None of it could have happened the way it did. It all only happened that way because it was Brian Epstein's fantasy'" (Shout!, 256).
Brian Epstein was a man. He had brown hair and blue eyes and stood six-foot-two. He was Jewish, homosexual and as a child he dreamed of designing women's dresses. He came into pop management with no experience at the age of twenty-seven when he heard the Beatles playing in a cellar and fell in love with them, and their sound. By age thirty-two, he was dead of an accidental drug overdose. Yet, in just five short years he had created the group that was "bigger than Elvis" and in doing so, had revolutionized the modern world -- not just musically but in all aspects. His greatness should only not be remembered but also revered and honored.

This website is dedicated to the memory of Mr. Brian Epstein. Please help the world remember him. Please click here to sign a petition to get Brian inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a non-performer. If you are interested in reading up on the real Mr. Epstein, please try to find the late Ray Coleman's excellent biography on him called The Man Who Made the Beatles (many used copies can be found on Amazon.com and eBay.com). Mr. Epstein's autobiography, ghost written by Derek Taylor, is called A Cellarful of Noise and has recently been re-released; however this book is "coy, lightweight, star-struck, and [tells] nothing of the real man" as penned by Mr. Coleman in his novel. A Cellarful of Noise was published in 1964, before much of the Beatles' life had been lived and during a time that many of his personal views could not be released for fear of reflecting badly on his artists. Coleman's book, as well as several others (In My Life: The Brian Epstein Story and The Brian Epstein Story both by Deborah Gellar, and in a lesser light Philip Norman's Shout!), tell a far more riveting and true-to-life version of Mr. Epstein's life. These books are all highly recommended. Additionally, the BBC released a documentary on Brian's life called The Brian Epstein Story that contains a wealth of information on him. If possible, please see this documentary (a greatly editted version was released in the US by A&E). A DVD-release has also been issued with a light biography of Brian's life, recounted by many people who knew him (including the late Alistar Taylor). This DVD is worth the price for the invaluable interviews of Brian on it. It is called Brian Epstein: Inside the Fifth Beatle and can be purchased off amazon.com
All we are really asking though, is that you open your eyes and see that without Mr. Epstein, there would be no Beatles and the modern world would be unrecognizable. He gave everything for them, and us, including his life. It seems time that we, the people, finally gave something back to him.

Van Donovan & Laura Honeycutt,
9 May 2004
Revised 10 August 2004

(Pronounciation note: There has always been confusion about the pronunciation of Brian Epstein's family name. Brian Epstein made clear that he preferred that 'Epstein' rhyme with 'teen'-- not with 'fine.')

M.B.E. Brian Epstein

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